ZOLOZ eKYC SaaS updates 2024-06-06

ZOLOZ Feature Release

Feature Enhancements

  • In both Real ID and ID Recognition, support for 23 new types of driver's licenses has been added. For details, please refer to Document types supported and OCR results returned.
  • In the Web SDK, new support for MOUTHOPEN, HEADSHAKE, HEADLOWER, and HEADRAISE actions for Real ID is added, and the corresponding action detection items are set by actionCheckItems. For details, please refer to initialize.
  • Face capture-device risk results on the Portal has been updated.
  • The ID Network product's algorithm capabilities have been enhanced to improve detection accuracy in Deepfake attack scenarios, there by reducing the likelihood of risks going undetected.
  • The IDN lite facial comparison algorithm within Real ID for the Hong Kong site has been upgraded, enhancing recognition accuracy and further decreasing the chances of risks being overlooked.
  • Update the OCR algorithm for MyKad, as a result the OCR performance of certain items such as CITY, STATE and ZIPCODE will be improved.

Native SDK Version Release

  • Improve terminal security capabilities.

The above feature require the Native SDK to be upgraded to the latest version: