Important ZOLOZ IOS SDK compability updates

Published on October 26, 2023.

Apple's recent Xcode 15 release introduces a new compatibility issue. The latest version of the iOS webview has been modified (for more details about iOS webview see Webkit), resulting in failure of User Agents setting in ZOLOZ's Face Guidance page. This has caused buttons in the page to become unclickable and users being unable to complete the eKYC process.

Impact: If your app is compiled using Xcode 14, there is no impact on the user experience. If your app is compiled using Xcode 15 and the built-in ZOLOZ SDK version is lower than, an exception will occur on iOS17 devices.

Recommended solution: The latest version of the iOS SDK (version and higher) has already fixed the compatibility issue. We recommend upgrading to the latest version as soon as possible (for more details about upgrading the SDK see ).

If you are still using Xcode 14, it is also recommended to go through the regression test of the whole ZOLOZ flow after upgrading Xcode in the future.