ZOLOZ eKYC SaaS updates 2023-02-06

This topic describes the ZOLOZ eKYC SaaS updates in January 2023.

Date of Release:

January 2023

New Features:

  1. In the Face Capture initialize API, a new parameter uiCfg has been added for the h5ModeConfig. If the value 'isDesktop' is set, the interface will be configured to the PC client's display style.

Feature Enhancements:

  1. ZOLOZ Portal -> "Blacklist Management"
    • Operator roles now have access to the blacklist feature, expanding on the size of the portal's authorized management.
    • Improved the portal's blacklist page navigation; a description feature has also been added.
  1. Portal -> "Case Search"
    • Improved case search performance. The search window limit is now set to 30 days and all search results will be displayed in order.

Algorithm Performance


  1. Optimized the OCR recognition model for the Philippines' health IDs - improved overall recognition accuracy by targeting birthday and name fields.
  2. Upgraded the quality check algorithm for Philippines' passports which reduces blurry passport images during ID verification.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Fixed inaccurate closed-eye frames being captured during face re-verification due to the video cache not being cleared.
  2. Fixed ZOLOZ's iOS native SDK for auto-focusing on the iPhone 14/Pro/Pro Max. Client-side iOS applications using ZOLOZ's Real ID and ID verification will now need to integrate the newly updated iOS SDK Version
    • Due to the recent changes in auto-focusing technology for the latest iPhone models, users reported accuracy issues when scanning their IDs i.e. easily blurred/unsuccessful captures; which caused repeated failed authentications. This issue affected users across all ID types.

Other Changes:

  1. Improved customer conversion rate by allowing the QR code recognition result to remain empty; QR parsing failure will not force customers to recapture.
  2. Added the option to disable risk controls so that high-risk detection is avoided when testing in the sandbox environment. Please refer to Section "ZOLOZ SDK & API Usage"->"API Call Errors"->"HIGH_RISK" in ZOLOZ eKYC SaaS FAQs for detailed instructions.
  3. Added additional support for:
    • Cambodia national IDs: Double-sided document scanning, MRZ passport identification and tampering, anti-counterfeiting capability improvements
    • Vietnam IDs: 3rd Generation ID card support
    • New unknown document types: Basic Real ID quality face verification and matching through common doc-types

Notes to Client: