ZOLOZ eKYC SaaS updates 2024-04-11

ZOLOZ Feature Release

New Features

  • In Face Compare, parameter face2 is supported for document image containing a facial photo.
    • Added a new parameter sourceOfFace2 support specifying the incoming type. For details, please refer to compare | API Reference.

Feature Enhancements

  • In Real ID and ID Recognition, update the valid document range of parameter allowExpiredDocument
    • Previously only supported general passports (doctype=00000001003), now support all documents whose validity period field can be identified.
  • Character length limit was added to the text configuration input box in the Portal UI configuration function to avoid too many texts that may affect the page display.
  • In CN Authority, the result code corresponding to the situation where the result cannot be returned due to official library problems is classified from SYSTEM_ERROR to AUTHORITY_PROCESSING.
  • Added verification of initialize interface input parameter metaInfo in Real ID, ID Recognition, Face Capture, Connect, and NFC products. When an incoming error value is recognized, the error code INVALID_ARGUMENT is returned.
  • In ID Recognition and Real ID, New Zealand Driver's License (docType=00640000001) OCR identification fields ADDRESS, ISSUE_DATE, EXPIRY_DATE are added. For details, please refer toDocument types supported and OCR results returned | API Reference.
  • Optimize the display list of the Portal operation log function and display data within a week by default.
  • Optimize the API Key page of the Portal to solve the problem of frequent misoperations by clients.
  • The dashboard function of the Portal covers the HK site.

Algorithm Enhancements

  • In Real ID, the face algorithm has added the ability to identify whether there are glasses or hats.
    • The initialize API adds a new switch for detecting occlusion, mask, glasses, and hat. When the switch is on, the checkresult API returns the corresponding detection results. For details, please refer to initialize and checkresult.
  • The supplementary ID OCR function can recognize rare Chinese characters for Real ID and ID Recognition.

Bug Fixes

  • In Real ID, fixed the bug that the total face result returned on the interface and portal is empty sometimes when the face verification result is failure.
  • Fixed the issue where some blacklists are enabled but cannot be accessed on the Portal.
  • Fixed the problem of Real ID risk control interception returning retCode SUCCESS in some cases.

Native SDK Version Release

  • In Real ID and ID Recognition, the limit on the line number of texts on the document collection page is changed from 2 to 3, allowing customize to configure more text contents.

The above feature require the Native SDK to be upgraded to the latest version: