ZOLOZ API Parameter Upgrade Notification - March 20 2024

This topic describes the ZOLOZ eKYC SaaS upgrade planned on May 15, 2024.

Upgrade background: ZOLOZ supports scanning one or two pages of documents, and the detailed number of scanned pages supported depends on the type of the documents, which can be found in Document types supported and OCR results returned. Before this upgrade, for documents that ZOLOZ only supports scanning one page, no error is reported when the user uploads two pages of the document in the initialization stage. But in the coming updated version, extra input will incur error because user's input parameter will be verified to intercept unsupported input and avoid impact on client's operations.

Upgrade content: For RealID and ID Recognition, input parameter verification is added to pages in the initialization, which checks whether the inputted value of pages is supported based on the docType. If not, initialization fails and the error code INVALID_ARGUMENT is returned.

Impacted products: RealID, ID Recognition

Upgrade impact: For document type that only supports input of one page, the input of 1,2 for pages is intercepted. Failure to input the right pages parameter value will result in failed initialization, preventing the initiation of eKYC verification. It is recommend to follow relevant requirements when inputting the pages value. For the number of pages supported by different documents, please refer to the field pages in Document types supported and OCR results returned.

Release Time: This upgrade will take effect on May 15th. Please check and adjust your pages parameter values in the  initialize API of RealID and ID Recognition, if necessary, to ensure the normal operations of your operation.

** Please contact ZOLOZ's technical support team for assistance if you have any further questions, or email: help@zoloz.com