ZOLOZ HK Instance Networking Components Upgrade Notification

This topic describes the ZOLOZ eKYC SaaS planned maintenance on Apr 21, 2023.

Upgrade window: Apr 21, 2023, GMT+8, 00:00-04:00

Upgrade content: ZOLOZ Networking Components Upgradeļ¼ˆHong Kong Instanceļ¼‰

Upgrade impact: During the upgrade, there will be no impact to the ZOLOZ service network access.

After the upgrade, the resolved IP of the following domains will be changed: hk-production-portal.zoloz.net and hk-production-api.zoloz.net.

Notes to Client: If the resolved IP of the above domains are white-listed on the client environment due to the access control policy, the ZOLOZ service will not be accessible after upgrading. In the event of such cases, please remove the IP white list and white-list the domain name instead before Apr 21, 2023.

** Please contact ZOLOZ's technical support team for assistance if you have any further questions.