Hong Kong Document SecurityFeature Upgrade Notification - July 31, 2024

This topic describes Hong Kong Document SecurityFeature model upgrade, which will take effect after July 31, 2024.

Background of the Change: ZOLOZ's SecurityFeature model undergoes continuous upgrades, and it is planned to utilize the optimal global model for decision-making after July 31, 2024. The global model holistically analyzes all security features of Hong Kong ID cards, without making pass/fail judgments on every single feature separately.

Content of the Change: Previously, in the checkresult API of RealID, the securityFeaturesResult outputted granular scores for multiple sub-models (including LASER_IMAGE_1_SCORE, HOLOGRAM_SCORE, STEREO_LASER_PORTRAIT_SCORE, and LASER_IMAGE_2_SCORE). These sub-models will no longer undergo iterative updates in the future and will cease to impact the SecurityFeature anti-counterfeiting results. After July 31, 2024, ZOLOZ will discontinue maintaining scores, thresholds, and outcomes for these sub-models. The planned change involves outputting fixed values and results (marked as "pass") for these sub-model parameters, It no longer has business reference significance and customers no longer need to consume.

Impact of the Change: In terms of document anti-counterfeiting algorithm efficacy, since a global model has already been used for decision-making, the sub-models themselves have had minimal influence on the algorithm's performance. Thus, this change will not affect the anti-counterfeiting efficacy for Hong Kong ID cards. Regarding API fields, all existing keys in the API will be retained, causing no compatibility issue.

Effective Date: This change will take effect after July 31, 2024.

** Please contact ZOLOZ's technical support team for assistance if you have any further questions, or email: help@zoloz.com