Product Introductions

ZOLOZ is the first global trusted identity platform that originated from Ant Group, providing a wide range of ID verification products, such as Connect, RealID, Face Capture, Face Compare, ID Recognition, etc.

Product Name


Real ID

Real ID is an online e-KYC solution for proving "who you are" on the internet based on ID documents and face recognition.

Real ID collects user ID pictures and selfie images, and compares them to detect if they are of the same person for the online authentication of users' real identities.


Connect is an online identity verification solution that combines multiple capabilities such as face liveness detection and comparison. It is suitable for a variety of scenarios such as account login, online payments, account unlocking and more; helping enterprises reduce manual audit costs, meet regulatory requirements, and improve business efficiency while ensuring a smooth user experience.

Face Capture

Face Capture uses face detection algorithms to capture selfie images and detect whether a person is real. It is applicable for a variety of scenarios such as remote identity authentication, etc; which effectively improves overall business efficiency and enhances user experience.

Face Compare

Face Compare compares two incoming face images, determines whether the two faces are the same person, and outputs the comparison results of the two face images. It supports incoming live face images and ID card face images.

ID Recognition

ID Recognition uses a variety of intelligent document algorithms for intelligent detection and information recognition of identity documents. It is suitable for a variety of scenarios such as remote identity authentication and automatic data entry, and more; which can effectively reduce labor costs and improve information processing efficiency.

ID Network

ID Network (IDN) builds out a network graph based on large amounts of historical data (i.e. face data, device information, user identity information, etc) and uses computer vision algorithms, text algorithms, graph mining algorithms as well as retrieval techniques to identify large-scale batch fraud risks.

CN Authority

CN Authority is a product that compares Chinese mainland user's name, ID number and face photo with the authoritative data from the Ministry of Public Security to verify user's identity authenticity. CN Authority exploits facial recognition and information comparison technologies of Trusted Identity Authentication System of the Ministry of Public Security to check whether user's identity information is consistent with the authoritative source. It is authoritative and reliable, and can be applied to a variety of remote verification scenarios.

NFC Reader

ZOLOZ NFC Reader uses the NFC function of mobile devices to decode ID chips, read the encrypted information contained in these ID chips, so as to conveniently and efficiently extract ID information.

It is applicable for a variety of scenarios such as remote identity authentication, automatic data entry, and more; effectively improving overall data processing efficiency, reducing manpower costs as well as prevent attacks i.e. imitation ID images. With NFC Reader, business security and risk control capabilities are greatly enhanced.

Statement of Travel Records

Statement of Travel Records identifies electronic PDF documents for Chinese citizens' travel entry and exit records. It supports document information extraction and electronic signature vertification, which effectively reduces labor costs and improves information processing efficiency, as well as enhances the security and risk control capabilities for businesses.