What is NFC Reader?

ZOLOZ NFC Reader uses the NFC function of mobile devices to decode ID chips, read the encrypted information contained in these ID chips, so as to conveniently and efficiently extract ID information.

It is applicable for a variety of scenarios such as remote identity authentication, automatic data entry, and more; effectively improving overall data processing efficiency, reducing manpower costs as well as prevent attacks i.e. imitation ID images. With NFC Reader, business security and risk control capabilities are greatly enhanced.

The UI for NFC Reader is in the following figure:


Figure 1: NFC Reader UI


Document verification

Supports verification for document chip readability and improves overall document anti-spoofing detection capabilities.

Document readability

Reads the ID information stored on the chip quickly and accurately.

Record query

Supports a record query function in the ZOLOZ Portal, allowing users to conveniently check the NFC Reader results when carrying out business operations.

Supported document types

ZOLOZ NFC Reader supports reading the following two types of documents:

  • Standard passports with NFC chips
  • China mainland residents' permit for traveling to-and-fro Hong Kong and Macau

Accessibility modes

NFC Reader supports native App SDK accessibility modes, supporting both Native SDK and server-side API. Please refer to Native App SDK access mode for more specific accessibility process requirements.

Use flow

The use flow of NFC Reader is shown below:

Screenshot 2023-07-31 at 3.30.44 PM.png

  1. Pass in key fields
    NFC chip information reading relies on three key mandatory fields: ID number, date of birth and expiration date, which customers need to pass in in advance.
    The following methods are supported:
    • If the customer has already stored these key fields locally, call the ZOLOZ NFC Reader initialize API to pass them in directly.

Picture 156png.png

    • If the customer has not stored these key fields before: please call the ZOLOZ NFC Reader initialize API and scan the ID through the local SDK OCR. The SDK will automatically scan the ID image and detect the three default fields.

Picture 17.png

  1. Read ID information
    Place ID card chip against the NFC area on the back of the mobile device for reading. Keep the ID card stable during the reading process until the page shows that the reading has completed successfully.
  2. NFC Reader result
    Obtain the ID information reading result through the checkresult interface.

Use limitations

  • Mobile devices will need to support the NFC function and have it enabled to authorize NFC Reader.
  • Android and iOS systems must meet the minimum version requirements.