This section introduces you to the advantages of ID Network.

Strong technical capabilities

  • Face image feature extraction techniques
    Feature extraction for face images is performed and converted into a fixed length vector, which can be used to assist in the discovery of risk groups while retrieving in real-time.
  • Large-scale vector retrieval technology
    Retrieve face similarities quickly and accurately in real-time from full-volume historical data. The core technologies involved include an improved vector retrieval system based on ElasticSearch, and large-scale vector retrieval algorithms based on PQ and HNSW.
  • Multi-factor group mining techniques
    Identify potential risk groups in the full data. Core technologies involved include a Louvain-based multi-factor group mining algorithm and a weighted LPA-based multi-factor label propagation algorithm.

Highly scalable

In addition to face images and ID information, ID Network also supports incoming device IDs, user IDs, and other information to construct a network of multi-dimensional data; allowing for the discovery of more comprehensive risk-type groups and application scenarios.