This section introduces you to the advantages of Face Capture.

Fully automated process

With the introduction of ZOLOZ’s deep learning and risk control models, the entire process will be completed automatically and there is no need to wait for immediate results. The average application time takes 1 minute and Face Capture results are available within 10 seconds; providing your users with a great user experience while helping you save on labor costs.

Cross-platform support

ZOLOZ support iOS, Android, HarmonyOS, Web, API access, App support, WeChat H5, mobile browsers and other types of applications to meet all of your business needs.

Effective fraud risk protection

  • ZOLOZ has passed the ISO30107-3 (iBeta1/2) certification, accrediting ZOLOZ's face liveness detection capabilities as being on par with international standards.
  • ZOLOZ provides a variety of liveness detection solutions that can be either integrated alone, or combined with multiple solutions, such as random action combinations, multi-frame photo recognition, photo quality verification, etc; to effectively defend against common fraudulent behaviors such as photo prints, screen remakes, etc.