Demo App User Guide



ZOLOZ provide demo app for clients to easily try out our services without the hassle to integrate with ZOLOZ SDK or API. 

To get started with demo app, you need the following:

1.     Contact ZOLOZ team to open demo account for you to use demo app and client portal.

2.     Install demo app on your phone (both iOS and Android are supported)

3.     Complete setup on demo app once you installed the app. 




1.    Provide email address to ZOLOZ BD team to open demo account

2.    Once demo account is set up, you will receive an email from ZOLOZ, in which client portal URL, login credentials are included.

3.    You will also receive QR code from ZOLOZ BD team.

4.    You can download and install ZOLOZ app by simply search “ZOLOZ” in Google Play store or App Store.

5.    Once installation finishes, you can click “Setup” and complete by scanning QR code shared in step 3.

6.    If you wish to use the demo app on multiple devices, simply scan the same QR code. All demo transactions are searchable in client portal.



1.    The demo app provides options for you to select Security Level and Operation Level. We recommend you to choose “Deep Scan + Blink” and “Standard” respectively.




2.    The Operation Level specifies the operation mode where the identity proofing process runs. The following values are supported:

  • CLOSED: All the algorithms and risk control rules are not applied. You can use this operation mode in the test phase so that the algorithms and risk controls rules do not affect the test process.
  • STANDARD: A standard recommended level is applied. 
  • LOOSE: A relatively looser level is applied. You can use this operation mode in low-risk scenarios.
  • STRICT: A relatively stricter level is applied. You can use this operation mode in high-risk scenarios.