SaaS Integration

There're two kinds of products provided by ZOLOZ, one is server-mode product, another is client-mode product, in which the mobile application is involved.


For server-mode products such as face comparing and ID card recognition, only a single server-side API is involved for each product, so the integration is quite straightforward. The customer only needs to configure the authentication properly and then access corresponding API with our gateway protocol. To make it easier to consume those APIs, ZOLOZ provides an API SDK which encapsulates all complicated signature generating and verification, payload encryption and decryption.

For client-mode products such as RealID, typically a set of server-side APIs and client-side APIs are involved and many interactions are required to complete a whole sequence, so the integration is much more complicated.

Following chapters will guide you to integrate ZOLOZ products of both server-mode and client-mode step by step.