Real ID

ZOLOZ Real ID provides a digital online solution for KYC (Know Your Customer). It implements an identity proofing process, which involves multiple capabilities of document verification, face verification and risk control. To use these capabilities, merchants must integrate with ZOLOZ by using the ZOLOZ SDK and APIs.

This section mainly introduces the specifications of the APIs that are provided by ZOLOZ Real ID.

The server APIs are exposed via the ZOLOZ gateway service. Before you invoke the APIs, perform the following things:

Server APIs

ZOLOZ Real ID supports two kinds of integration modes:

  • App SDK mode, where users start the identity proofing process in a merchant application
  • H5 mode, where users start the identity proofing process via the mobile web browser

For both product modes, the following two server APIs are provided:

  • initialize: used to initialize the identity proofing process in ZOLOZ. A unique transaction ID is generated for the identity proofing process and used in all the subsequent interactions with the ZOLOZ server.
  • checkresult: used to request a result about the identity proofing process running status and other corresponding results, which include basic and detailed document verification results, face verification results, risk control results and so on.