ZOLOZ Connect provides a digital online solution for authentication. It implements a face verification process, which involves multiple capabilities of face liveness check and face comparison. To use these capabilities, merchants must integrate with ZOLOZ by using the ZOLOZ SDK and APIs.

This section mainly introduces the specifications of the APIs that are provided by ZOLOZ Connect.

The server APIs are exposed via the ZOLOZ gateway service. Before you invoke the APIs, perform the following things:

Server APIs

Following are the provided server APIs:

  • initialize: used to initialize the face verification process in ZOLOZ. A unique transaction ID is generated for the process and used in all the subsequent interactions with the ZOLOZ server.
  • checkresult: used to request a result about the face verification process results.
  • enroll: used to enroll a pre-captured face image of one user for subsequent usage of Connect Face Verify. This face image could come from the result of Real ID or Face capture.