ZOLOZ provides three types of blacklists, and all the list items are managed via APIs introduced in this chapter.

List Type



Contains face items being blacklisted.


Contains ID numbers and corresponding ID types being blacklisted.


Contains device ID's being blacklisted. Device ID must be captured by ZOLOZ SDK, otherwise, it won't be matched during scanning.

Once the blacklist feature is activated, the system will automatically create a default list for each of the three list types. The default lists will be empty when created, and you need to manage the items via APIs.

Embedded Scanning

Once the blacklist feature is activated and blacklist items are added to lists, these blacklists will be scanned within the Real ID flow. More precisely, DEVICE lists will be scanned at the beginning of a Real ID flow, FACE lists and CERT lists will be scanned at the end of a Real ID flow.

Standalone Scanning

Blacklist scanning is only available in Real the ID flows as of now. Standalone scanning will be supported in future.